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Our Club 

The El Shamaly Shrine Club of Richmond Hill, a brief history in the making….


In the early sixties, at a Shriners gathering in St. Catherine’s Ontario, a discussion took place regarding the forming of a Shrine Club that would meet north of Toronto.


The name: “El Shamaly” (meaning “north”) was then chosen, and 56 years ago, on May 9th 1962 our Charter was then presented to us by The Potentate of 1962, Ill. Sir, E.J. Hall.


As of today, of the Original 15 Charter members, only one still remains, Noble David Hill, who still resides in Richmond Hill.


The first meeting was held at the home of the President, Noble Jack Wadell. As the membership grew, the Club held its meetings at such locations as:

The Summit Restaurant.

The House of Concord.

The Black Hawk Motor Inn.

Richvale Lions Hall.

The Langstaff Community Centre.


And we currently meet at;

The Choice of the Orient Restaurant at 9555 Yonge Street at Weldrick Road.

The 3rd Tuesday of each month from September to June. (No Meetings are held in July and August)


Most every other meeting, we typically provide Guest Speakers to address the Nobility, with Ladies and Non-Members invited to participate as well. Speakers have come from such areas as: Members of Municipal Council, Justices of the Peace, York Regional Police, The Canadian Heraldic Authority, Various Investment Councillors, Insurance Specialists, Legal, and other Professional Advisors.


El Shamaly has typically generated its Operating and Charitable funds by;

  • Participating in various Civil Parades throughout the Greater Toronto and Surrounding Areas, as well as through the sale of Christmas

  • Selling Cakes, Cookies, and other various Fundraising items and efforts.

  • A Cadillac and a Forty Foot Tiger were one of the first Parade items to be implemented by the Club, this then led to the implementation of Rickshaws, Mini Cars, a Clown Unit, and the current use of : “The Little Red Caboose”


Two of our Clown Unit members, Nobles John Brien and Arthur Jackson became Boss Clowns for Rameses Temple and won several awards for their efforts. Noble Art Jackson placed in the Top 5 of all Clowns from across North America. Noble Bill Knowles from El Shamaly was elected President of International Shrine Clowns for North America.


The El Shamaly tradition and cornerstone of performing at a “Level of Excellence” has extended across all our Club Activities and our members.

The El Shamaly is proud to hold the title as the only Club in Rameses Temple to have fostered 6 Potentates:


  1. Noble Floyd Walker - Club President of 1963 - Potentate in 1985. (Rameses Treasurer thereafter)

  2. Noble Tom Fairbrother - Club President of 1988 - Potentate in 1998

  3. Noble Robert (Bob) Smith - Club President of 1970 - Potentate in 1996

  4. Noble William James Rich - Club President of 1990 - Potentate in 2000

  5. Noble Robert (Bob) Whitmarsh - Club President of 1998 - Potentate in 2007

  6. Noble James (Jim) McKinney - Potentate in 2011

Over the years El Shamaly has supported not only the Shriners Hospitals for Children, but has provided assistance to such organizations as:

  •  The York Central Hospital (now known as Mackenzie Health-Richmond Hill)

  •  The Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

  •  The Sunnybrook Hospital, Health Sciences Centre.

  •  The York Region District School Board.

  •  And numerous other Charitable Events and Organizations.


The members of The El Shamaly Shrine Club are always interested in members from the Masonic Order, who are looking for an opportunity to expand their charitable benevolence, through the participation in fun activities, in an enjoyable environment of friendship and brotherly love, all towards the enhancement of children’s lives through the care and assistance offered by The Shriners Hospitals for Children and our other activities.


Contact us if you are that “Level of Excellence” person looking for a way to enhance your charitable life.

You may very well be that “special person” we are always looking for.

Please refer to the document below for further details  and FAQ.

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